Inn Seizira

#East Kishu(Owase City)

Inn Seizira

Concept of "do nothing."

Enba Seijira, where you can spend your time as you please based on the concept of "doing nothing," is filled with a variety of attractions. The people of Kuki have warm personalities, and the entire town welcomes visitors with a welcoming atmosphere. The town's clear waters offer a close-up view of a variety of fish, and the surrounding area is home to a harbor and mountains. Sightseeing is available at Kumano Kodo, a World Heritage site, as well as many other World Heritage sites, so you can spend a fulfilling day. In the guesthouse, the kitchen and living room are shared spaces where people from different places and environments can laugh and interact with each other and create "karma". Please enjoy the space where you can get away from your daily life and spend a relaxing time in contact with nature.


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Casting & Super Light Jigging

This guide boat specializes in casting and super light jigging for rockfish as its main target around Kuki Port.



The main target is grouper, also known as rockfish, which are targeted by casting and super light jigging. (Bait fishing such as a single tenya is also available.) We may also target red sea bream, chicken grunt, and bluefish at slightly deeper depths! Let's go for the fish of the season!


Concept of "do nothing."

The charm of our restaurant is that you can spend your time as you please based on the concept of "doing nothing. Why don't you walk along the beautiful coastline of Kuki?


Full-scale telescope rental

Full-scale telescopes are available for rent. Our staff will explain how to use the telescope, so you can use it with peace of mind. Since no ambient light enters the telescope, please enjoy the starlit sky in total darkness.


Ojai, a spectacular spot located in Kuki

Why don't you visit "Ojai," a spectacular spot located in Kuki? There are hiking routes that allow you to enjoy the beautiful mountains of Kuki. Or you can head out on one of our boats!

Facility Information
Inn Seizira

〒519-3701 39, Kuki-cho, Owase City, Mie Prefecture

Phone number:080-2080-3080

Access and local transportation

10 minute walk from Kuki Station (nearest station) on the JR Kisei Line.