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New ideas in an open environment: 3-day/2-night "NEMU RESORT" work vacation experience




New ideas in an open environment: 3-day/2-night "NEMU RESORT" work vacation experience

Shima City faces the intricate rias coastline, and the entire city is designated as Ise-Shima National Park. The city was also called "Miketsukuni" in ancient times, and is rich in marine products such as Ise lobsters and abalone. The work vacation will take place at NEMU RESORT, a spacious property located in such an area, where you can spend a special and unusual time while experiencing the richness of nature.

The Workcation Experiencer this time

開放感溢れる環境で新たな発想を。2泊3日「NEMU RESORT」ワーケーション体験。

The person who experienced a work vacation was Harada from Toba City. In the course of managing a commercial facility called "Toba 1st Avenue," he is involved in many projects related to regional development, and this time the three of us had the opportunity to work together with Fukushima and Higashi, who are working on such a project together.

The following is an introduction of the 3-day/2-night work experience of the three, who are often involved with local companies as part of their work.

[Day 1: Leaving the conference room for a meeting in the open lobby.

開放感溢れる環境で新たな発想を。2泊3日「NEMU RESORT」ワーケーション体験。

Harada says that he planned his work schedule in advance to some extent, including time for work and time for participating in activities. While doing their normal duties, the three of them also had time to talk about the progress of the project.

開放感溢れる環境で新たな発想を。2泊3日「NEMU RESORT」ワーケーション体験。

Working remotely in a room with a Wi-Fi environment. The view from the large window seems to refresh you at a moment's notice.

Meeting new people through the workcation.

開放感溢れる環境で新たな発想を。2泊3日「NEMU RESORT」ワーケーション体験。

I met someone through this workcation who happened to be building another workspace nearby, so I went to visit the site on a short notice. “It was a great learning experience for me to see things I wouldn't have known if I had been working in an office," said Harada.

Enjoying local delicacies at a restaurant near the hotel

開放感溢れる環境で新たな発想を。2泊3日「NEMU RESORT」ワーケーション体験。

In the evening, the three of us went to a restaurant near the hotel. Talking over drinks in front of the delicious local cuisine, they came up with ideas that would not have come up in the conference room.

[Day 2] Spending luxurious time while enjoying the vast nature.

開放感溢れる環境で新たな発想を。2泊3日「NEMU RESORT」ワーケーション体験。

Harada and Fukushima started their day with the hotel's "Morning Rela (yoga program)”. They awaken their bodies with light stretching while listening to the soothing breeze and birds chirping. “It was a very luxurious experience for me to learn various poses for an hour while being in touch with nature," said Fukushima.

開放感溢れる環境で新たな発想を。2泊3日「NEMU RESORT」ワーケーション体験。

For lunch, we loaded our lunch boxes into the land car and set off on a tour of the expansive grounds. We chose a spot overlooking Ago Bay and began our picnic. The presentation was very stylish, with colorful dishes in the basket reminiscent of Spanish tapas, as well as dishes that made the most of seafood. I felt like I was in the world of Anne of Green Gables. Both Fukushima and Harada seemed to have enjoyed the event to the fullest.

[Day 3] Making the most of morning time in an extraordinary space.

開放感溢れる環境で新たな発想を。2泊3日「NEMU RESORT」ワーケーション体験。

Harada and Fukushima had to leave first due to work commitments. Higashi rented a mountain bike at the hotel and took a walk around the vast grounds in the clear morning air.

開放感溢れる環境で新たな発想を。2泊3日「NEMU RESORT」ワーケーション体験。

A marina on the grounds. You can also board a cruising boat from here.

There are still many things to experience on the vast grounds, such as SUP, cruises, and fishing.

Harada, who actually experienced the trip, said, "It all happened so fast, I wish I could have spent a week here."

[Example of how to spend the day]

[Day 1]
16:30 Arrive at the hotel and have a meeting in the lobby
18:00 Visit local companies
19:00 Dinner at a local restaurant
[Day 2]
7:00 Morning Rela (yoga program)
9:00-12:00 Visit and business meeting with new clients
13:00 Picnic in a land car
14:30 Visit new business partners and business meetings
16:00 Visit local companies
18:30 Dinner at a local restaurant
[Day 3] 8:00 Check out
8:00 Check out
Some participants rent mountain bikes to explore the resort
End of workacation


2692-3, Sakoshi, Hamashima-cho, Shima, Mie 517-0403
tel : 0599-52-1211


Writer Information

Ryuichi Murakami

I was born in 1993 and I am 29 years old and live in the Kansai region.I love natto and think about it all the time.My hobbies are fishing and camping.I am a beginner at workcation.