Yume-Kodo Owase

#East Kishu(Owase City)

Yume-Kodo Owase

Relaxation spot in Owase where you can rest your mind and body

The bath using deep sea water, which is rare in Japan, mist sauna, and a buffet lunch featuring local cuisine unique to Owase. It is a relaxation spot in Owase where you can rest both body and soul while enjoying the view of Kumano's ancient road, Umaokoshi Pass, from a location overlooking Owase Bay. The 150 year old house, which can be used as both a restaurant and workspace, was the residence of the Doi Chubei Doi family, a prominent forestry family in Owase, as well as the "Share Space Doi Mise". At "Yume Kodo Ose", which is frequented by local residents, you will be able to experience the nature, history, and lifestyle of the town through the Owase dialect.


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Owase's mother's local cuisine

Lunch buffet featuring Owase's mother's local cuisine


Deep sea water inner bath


You can feel the life in Owase.


Owase hinoki bathing tree

Owase hinoki bathing tree" floats in the bathtub to enjoy the fragrance.

Facility Information
Yume-Kodo Owase

〒519-3625 12-4 Mukai, Owase City, Mie Prefecture

Phone number:0597-22-1124

Access and local transportation

1 minute walk from the nearest station or bus stop. 4.6 km from Owase Kita IC (10 minutes).