Hisetsu Falls Campground

#East Kishu(Kiho Town)

Hisetsu Falls Campground

You can work and play to your heart's content in the wilderness of the national park!

This campground is located in Yoshino-Kumano National Park and is the closest campground to a waterfall in Japan.

It is also called a sacred place for tent saunas, and the water bath in the sauna is a waterfall!

Tent sites (regular and solo sites), cottages, and training rooms for large groups are available.
*Day use of BBQ, day camping, sauna and activities only is also available.

Work Plan】】
All-weather working stations (using large tarps)
Free Wi-Fi
Free Wi-Fi ・Working desk
Working desk ・Working chair
Power supply
9:00-17:00 \1,100 / day fee (including above rental fee)

From this unique campground in Japan, "work" and "vacation" are combined with "outdoor" and "activity,
A new style of workcation can be experienced here at "Tobisetsu no Taki Campsite".

About Reservations
For lodging and tent saunas, please use the convenient 24-hour online reservation service on our website.
For other reservations, please call us.
For other reservations, please call us at 080-5843-6793 from 9:00 to 17:00.


Recommended Content


Tent sauna

It is also called the holy land of tent saunas, and the water bath is a waterfall! There are three types of high-temperature saunas: the Russian-style "Morge" and "EX-PRO" saunas, and the Finnish-style "Sabotta" sauna for relaxing!


[Fresh and exquisite local ingredients].

Popular BBQ set, lobster, and hot pot in winter! Various food sets are available (reservation required 3-4 days in advance)



There are various activities such as popular SUP, ducky, bike rental, bamboo lantern making, sandblasting, fire making, and wood chopping!



For a change of pace, walk along the promenade to the observatory! Enjoy the seasonal nature of the Asazato district!


Multipurpose space

You can work in the large multi-purpose space with a view of the waterfall from the window.



The cottage is a one-room cottage, so you can work in a calm atmosphere. Fully equipped kitchen, toilet, bath, air conditioner, etc. Fully equipped with bedding, cooking utensils, tableware, etc. You can also BBQ on the terrace.


Mie Forest Education Station

We also have a kids' space where they can play while interacting with the trees of Mie Prefecture.



Original goods, souvenirs, beverages such as alcohol, juice and tea, daily necessities, snacks and cup noodles are available.

Facility Information
Hisetsu Falls Campground

〒5195718 1409-1 Asazato, Kiho-cho, Minamimuro-gun, Mie Prefecture

Phone number:080-5843-6793

Office Hours:9:00~17:00

parking lot:Yes (free of charge)

Access and local transportation

If you are coming by car
From Nagoya
From Kumano Owase Road Kumano Omari IC to Shingu direction on Route 42, about 50 minutes (about 35 km)
From Osaka
From Kisei Expressway Susami Minami IC to Shingu direction on Route 42, about 1 hour and 40 minutes (about 80 km)

By public transportation
From JR Nagoya Station or JR Shin-Osaka Station to JR Shingu Station: approx. 3 hr. 30 min. by express train → 30 min. by cab from JR Shingu Station. Or, take the Ainodani Line of the town bus, change to the Asazato Udono Line at Funada, and get off at Asazato Jinja-mae.

For details, please check the access on the company's website.