#Ise-Shima(Toba City)


Talks by active ama divers and experience of wearing ama

The first ama hut actually in use in Japan is open to domestic and foreign visitors, who can taste abalone, turban shells and seaweeds such as hijiki, which are harvested by ama divers, and experience ama divers' culture by listening to stories told by ama divers and wearing ama women's clothes. 4 courses with meals are available, and by advance reservation, you can choose from a variety of courses including allergy, vegetarian, etc. Meals can be provided. The entire building has free Wi-Fi and can be used as a meeting room or private room, and there is also a projector. Sea kayaking and fishing are available, and electric bicycles are available for rent.


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Town with the largest number of divers in Japan

Hachiman Kamado, a women diver's hut, is located along Matoya Bay in Aisaki Town, Toba City, the town with the largest number of women divers in Japan.


Large, medium and small rooms with a capacity of 110 people

There are large, medium, and small rooms with a capacity of 110 people. Each room has a sunken hearth in the center of the room and stationary chairs and tables around the room.


Enjoy fresh seafood such as abalone and turban shells caught by divers

Visitors can enjoy fresh seafood such as abalone and turban shells caught by ama divers, as well as listen to stories told by active ama divers, dance to the local Aisashi Ondo dance song, and try on ama divers' dresses.


Calm and beautiful Matoya Bay

While viewing the calm and beautiful Matoya Bay, we will clean up the beach along Matoya Bay in front of Hachiman-kamado, a women diver's hut.

In the "Mie Tourism New Normal Promotion Project," advisors check and advise on infection control measures and provide hospitality.

Facility Information

〒517-0032 819 Osatsu-cho, Toba City, Mie Prefecture

Phone number:0599-33-1023

Office Hours:Business hours: 10:00 a.m. - 9:30 p.m.

parking lot:Yes, free of charge, 30 standard cars, 5 buses

Access and local transportation

5 minutes walk from Kurotakoguchi bus stop
There is a free shuttle service "Ama Basu" from Kintetsu Toba Station *Reservation required.