Tennyoza Entertainment Guesthouse

#East Kishu(Kumano City)

Tennyoza Entertainment Guesthouse

Heaven on Earth Would you like to work in the spectacular Tennoza?

Tennoza is a cafe, music hall, and guest house overlooking the ocean. The speed is as fast as in the city. The cafe is open on Fridays and Saturdays. The spacious building allows you to relax and concentrate on your work. You can also take a stroll along the Kumano Kodo, a World Heritage site, in the neighborhood between work. For those who prefer to prepare their own meals, we have rooms with kitchens, but we can also prepare family meals here. In the evenings, you can also watch music streaming. The morning sun rising from the ocean, the Milky Way space galaxy, and the Moon River on a full moon night are all guaranteed to move you. There is also an aviary at Tennoza, where you can also meet two large owls. Tennoza, called heaven on earth, is a place where many people "want to go home. Welcome back to Bear Tennoza, the home of the soul.


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Working on the terrace overlooking the sea

Working at Amaterasu, a terrace overlooking the ocean. You can eat and drink. The morning sun rises from the sea, the Moon River on full moon nights, and the Milky Way Galactic Universe can also be viewed on the terrace.


Morning sun rising from the sea

Morning sun rises from the sea The morning sun rises from the middle of the sea, especially in winter; from April to the beginning of September, the morning sun rises from the mountains.


The room called "Ryugu" has a kitchen.


Cute room with bunk beds.

Facility Information
Tennyoza Entertainment Guesthouse

〒 640-15 Hadasu-cho, Kumano City, Mie Prefecture

Phone number:090-1471-7241(矢吹紫帆)

Access and local transportation

From Tokyo, take the Shinkansen to Nagoya.
From Nagoya, take the JR Nanki Express to Kumano-shi Station, and we'll pick you up.
If you're coming from Osaka, take the JR Nanki Express from Matsusaka to Kumano-shi Station. The number of trains is limited, so please check the schedule and enter "Tennoza" in the navigation system.