Fiore Shima

#Ise-Shima(Shima City)

Fiore Shima

Enjoy spending extraordinary time in Shima

Surrounded by nature and filled with the warmth of wood, guests can spend a relaxing time in the rooms.
Each room is equipped with a separate BBQ space.
BBQ grills can be rented to enjoy BBQ with family and friends.
All pets are welcome to stay in the house, so please enjoy a wonderful memory with your beloved family members.
There is a dog run, where you can let your pets play as much as they like in a spacious area.


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Fiore Shima and the starry sky

starry sky

Facility Information
Fiore Shima

〒517-0502 1916-60 Shinmei, Ago-cho, Shima City, Mie Prefecture

Phone number:0599-77-0079