#Chunansei(Matsusaka City)


"Bringing the wisdom of the peasants to the future, a hundred years into the future."

Kame-Seien, a natural poultry farm challenging satoyama living based on the philosophy of "passing on the wisdom of peasants to the future 100 years from now," is located deep in Iitaka Town with the clear Kushida River and the mountains of Kahane, where you can get away from the hustle and bustle and experience a lot of country life in an old Japanese house that looks like an old Japanese folktale. The location is airy and ideal for family relaxation. Kame-Seien's guesthouse is an old private house with Wi-Fi access, a kitchen, and two 8-mat rooms for lodging and hands-on experience. It serves as a base for outdoor activities and also supports food education using eggs and vegetables.


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100 year old house

Guesthouse Kame-Seien is a 100 year old private house located in the back of Kahaikyo. You can enjoy a rich stay in this 100-year-old house with two eight-tatami mat rooms for private use. The friendly owner can speak English and Chinese. We look forward to meeting foreign guests who want to enjoy the nature of Japan.


Chicken Cuddling Experience

A chicken-carrying experience for toddlers and elementary school students. A total of about 100 Goto Momiji and Karasu Kikori chickens are raised at the flat-fed poultry farm behind Guest House Kameseien. For small children, it is a great experience to interact with warm creatures. You can hear stories about the special feed they use and the unique characteristics of the mixed-sex hens. This is a learning-filled experience that is popular with adults as well.


Kitchen in Guest House Kameseien

Here is a shot of the kitchen in Guest House Kamenarien, where you can freely use the 2 burner stove and grill. You are also free to use the tableware provided. The kitchen is old-fashioned, so the height is low and it is still tiled. It's a little inconvenient and adds to the retro atmosphere.


Neighborhood walks and farmhouse experiences

At Kame-Seien, you can harvest in the fields, take a walk in the neighborhood, or make wild herb tea. You can also cook using fresh eggs from the flat-fed poultry farm and freshly picked vegetables. Depending on the season, you can also plant rice in muddy rice paddies or harvest rice by hand. In the summer, you can enjoy playing in the river, observing water creatures, and eating watermelon. We also offer guided walks, so please let us know what you would like to do.


Kaho Eleven Mountain

It is the nearest lodge to Hinokizuka, Ikegoya-yama, and Maze-dake among the Matsusaka Kahaya Eleven Mountains selected in 2020. If you are with children, we can recommend Mt. Takami and Mt. Mimine, which take about half an hour to approach. The owner of Kame-Seien is a former member of the cycling club and has a lot of experience in mountain climbing, so outdoor guests are welcome. The upper reaches of the Kushida River are stocked with amago (eel) and sweetfish, and mountain stream fishing is also welcome.


Miyano Valley Trekking

The Miyanotani trekking, which boasts the beauty of the valley, is also 20 minutes away for the approach. Although the path is sometimes under maintenance due to collapses, it is especially recommended during the season of fresh greenery and autumn foliage. In addition, there are many other places to enjoy the river, known as the Kushida River Green. The weak point of the scenic Kushidaen is the inconvenience of shopping. Please come with plenty of time to spare for food and daily necessities.

Facility Information

〒515-1615 1711-2, Mori, Iitaka-cho, Matsusaka-shi, Mie

Phone number:050-7107-7847



one's own room

one's own room

power strip

power strip

Access and local transportation

1 hour and 35 minutes by Mie Kotsu bus from Matsusaka Station
17 km from Roadside Station Iitaka Station 30 minutes by bus 33 km from Matsusaka IC〔60 minutes〕.
28 km〔45 minutes〕from Seiwa-Taki IC
57 km〔1 hour and 20 minutes〕from Nara Yamato Yagi Station