Green Tourism:Farmhouse accommodation Akakura

#East Kishu(Kumano City)

Green Tourism:Farmhouse accommodation Akakura

Surrounded by mystical mountains in Kumano,you can change of pace and be inspired through workcation.

Welcome to the heart of Mysterious Kumano. A sunny old village suddenly appears as you follow a mountain road weaving through the gaps between trees.
"Farmhouse accommodation Akakura" is an inn for only one guest at a time, standing alone in a quiet mountain village where no one lives anymore.
The nature of Oku-kumano gives you a sense of freedom, exhilaration, and vitality.
Workcation at "Akakura" is sure to give you a refreshing change of pace and inspiration. (Up to 1 week: 3,000 yen per person per night (self-catering, kitchen available); 1 to 2 weeks: 2,500 yen per person per night (self-catering, kitchen available); for 2 weeks or more: on request)


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Sunny terrace ,Starry terrace

The terrace, where you can soak up the sun, is a place for relaxation and refreshment if you are alone,also a place for collaboration and relaxation if you are in a team camp. At night,you can bring out your telescope for stargazing. The stars that seem to be falling will enchant you. The terrace is also a comfortable place to stay for long periods of time, as your laundry will dry quickly and easily.



Wi-Fi, projector, desks and chairs for work (2 each), and extension cords are provided as basic facilities.


Let's bake a pizza!

Meals are an important part of a workcation. Cooking with fresh vegetables and amago salmon grown in "Akakura" will be more exciting than usual. Cooking together as a team naturally stimulates communication that is not normally possible.


Try to roast coffee

If you want to drink coffee made from beans roasted yourself in the great outdoors,your wishes will also be fulfilled.


Wood-fired bath

Relax in a bath of mountain water heated by wood. Both the time and the smell of burning wood give you a sense of happiness that is different from convenience.


Akakura Shrine

The deity of Akakura Shrine, located about 10 minutes by car from the inn, is iwakura,the rocks themselves as the object of belief. This is a place where the belief in giant rocks remains and visitors can feel that they are embraced by the nature of Kumano.



About 10 minutes further by car from Akakura Shrine,there is the precipitous cliff of Onigura. It is a wonder why people feel like meditating when they come here in the early morning or at sunset.

アマゴの養殖 お手伝い大歓迎!

Amago salmon farming help is welcome!

Help is welcome at the owner's amago salmon farm! If you help out, you might even get a delicious meal!

Facility Information
グリーンツーリズム in 童集乃村 山里民泊あかくら
Green Tourism:Farmhouse accommodation Akakura

The accommodation is located in the middle of a secluded area, about 45 minutes by car from the urban area, where you can enjoy a mindful lifestyle. Equipped with Wi-Fi.No signal is received except from au.

〒519-4446 594-1 Akagura, Ikusei-cho, Kumano, Mie

Phone number:0597-82-1347

Office Hours:9:00-15:00

parking lot:5 cars (free of charge)



desk chair

desk chair

power strip

power strip



Access and local transportation

Due to the lack of public transportation, travel by car is highly recommended.
[by train]It takes about 45 minutes by car from the nearest JR Kumanoshi Station. The road to the depths of the mountains is narrow and not recommended for inexperienced drivers.You can get a cab from in front of the station.
[by bus]It takes 1.5 hours on foot from Ogawa, the last stop on the Seiryu Nachiguroishi no sato Line,departing from JR Kumanoshi Station.