Coworking Space DEER KICK LABO

#Chunansei(Tsu City)

Coworking Space DEER KICK LABO

Office space to work in a shared open space

The co-working space "DEER KICK LABO" is an office space for working in a shared open space, not a dedicated private space, and is rented out on an hourly basis.
In addition to renting out the space, coworking spaces may also bring in their own "seeds of work".
We hope that by nurturing these "seeds of work" together with our members (users), we can provide an opportunity for those who are involved with us to do business or get some kind of return on their investment.
Our main goal and outcome is to eliminate the boundary between the management staff and space users as much as possible, to build a base together, to create jobs in the local area, and to "create a way of working that matches the way we live".


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DEER KICK LABO is located in Anno-cho, Tsu City, Mie Prefecture. Anno town has a peaceful rural landscape, and the nearby mountains Hase (320m) and Kyogamine (819m) offer easy hiking.


Anou Onsen, a hot spring with its own spring water

The Anno Exchange Hall, located in the center of the town, has a hot spring called "Anou Onsen", where the source of the water is poured out, and the DEER KICK LABO is located on the second floor. Near the Anno Exchange Hall is the Myoai Tumulus (a national historic site), which is a rare two-sided medium-sized tomb made in the middle of the Kofun period (5th century), and Zempukuji Temple, which houses the nationally designated important cultural asset, the Standing Statue of Bishamonten.


Office space where you can work

This is an office space where you can work; it can be used by the hour and is also available for private rentals.


Desks and chairs made of cedar wood from Misugi, Mie Prefecture.

The desks and chairs are made of cedar wood from Misugi, Mie Prefecture, and can be arranged freely. The desks and chairs are made of cedar wood from Mie Prefecture, and can be used for various purposes such as events, seminars, and crafts.

Facility Information
コワーキングスペースDEER KICK LABO
Coworking Space DEER KICK LABO

〒514-2326 2F Anno Koryu Kaikan, 51-3 Higashikannonji, Anno-cho, Tsu City, Mie Prefecture

parking lot:The parking lots are adjacent to each other, and if the lot is full, you can park at the Tsu City Anno General Branch Office, which is located across the road from the front of the Anno Hot Springs.



desk chair

desk chair

power strip

power strip

Access and local transportation

Take Mie Kotsu Bus and get off at Anno Sogo Shoja-mae bus stop. 3 minutes walk from the bus stop.
Approximately 7 minutes from the Tsu IC.