Komono Town Tourism Association

#Hokusei(Komono Town)

Komono Town Tourism Association

Komono Town Tourism Association proposes a new style of travel called "Komobility".

This is a new style of traveling around Komono Town by electric power-assisted bicycles, motorcycles and kickboards. Komono Town is rich in nature. Of course, you can enjoy the scenery by driving around, but let's leave the car behind and switch to electric bicycles or motorcycles! The wind, temperature and smells of Komono Town that you could not notice from the car window... This is a new Komono trip where you can enjoy sightseeing while experiencing and enjoying nature with the new mobility. With the new mobility system, you can enjoy sightseeing while experiencing and enjoying nature. In addition, it is also environmentally friendly.


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Mobility Port

Mobility ports (facilities that can be rented) have been placed at 8 sightseeing spots in the town! Each Mobility Port has a parking lot. Each mobility port has a parking lot. If you are using the train, you can rent bicycles at Michi-no-Eki Komono, Forest Adventure Yunoyama, Hotel Yunomoto, Hope Villa, Yatsukaze Campground, Kamoshika Tool Store, Sai Koyo, and Green Hotel.


Cross bike type popular among young people

There are various types of bicycles such as cross bikes popular among young people, Dutch bicycles, assisted bicycles with two front wheels, scooters (bikes) with pedals that can easily go up hills, kickboard type bicycles, and small assisted bicycles that are suitable for elementary school children.

Facility Information
一般社団法人 菰野町観光協会
Komono Town Tourism Association

〒510-1233 2256 Komono, Komono Town, Mie-gun, Mie Pref.

Phone number:059-394-0050

Access and local transportation

5 minutes walk from Nakakomono Station on the Kintetsu Yunoyama Line
5 minutes from Komono Interchange on Shin-Meishin Expressway