Nigiwai-no-mori (lively forest)

#Hokusei(Inabe City)

Nigiwai-no-mori (lively forest)

Nigiwai-no-mori (lively forest)

This was once an undeveloped forest.
The entire forest was developed as a green infrastructure, utilizing the original topography to bring in seasonal breezes and to store rainwater. It functions as a base for SDGs by reusing stored rainwater and utilizing geothermal heat. The open location with mountain breezes blowing through is also in line with the lifestyle of the New Normal.

The facility is surrounded by trees with plenty of shade and is equipped with desks and chairs for use as workspace. Enjoy an unusual work style while listening to the wind blowing through the trees and birds chirping.
The adjacent facility, Civic Core Building, also has a workspace for year-round comfort.

一橋 俊介

一橋 俊介

Shunsuke Ichihashi

In April 2020, he established the "General Incorporated Association Green Creative Inabe" as the driving force behind Inabe City's local development policies and assumed the position of Executive Director. Utilizing the government's resources of people, goods, budget, information, and trust, he is striving to create a city where local residents and businesses can play an active role through promotion, planning and realization of events, and projects to attract local visitors.


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いなべヒュッテ にぎわいの森

Inabe Hutte Nigiwai no Mori

Nigiwai-no-mori is a forest of stores offering colorful dishes and products made from Inabe ingredients. Each store uses new ideas to refine local resources into products and services that are both sophisticated and warm. In addition, through events, workshops, and marche, interaction between the local community and city residents is created. This is the concept behind the town development, "Green Creative Inabe. It should be possible to transmit cutting-edge information not only from the city, but also from Inabe. From the Nigiwai-no-mori, we can sense that the rural areas have entered a phase where they are moving one step ahead of the new everyday life.

Facility Information
Nigiwai-no-mori (lively forest)

There, in the mysterious forest where birds sing, you will find a hutte full of Inabe's delicacies.

〒511-0428 31 Agogi, Kitase-cho, Inabe City, Mie Prefecture

Phone number:0594-72-7705

Office Hours:Each store has different business days and hours.

parking lot:Parking lot 120 cars