Inosan Farm

#Chunansei(Tsu City)

Inosan Farm

Work in a natural setting

You can work outdoors on a sunny day at a farm in Yamanoue, surrounded by nature. At the farm, you can pick strawberries, blueberries fruits, eat seasonal foods, or bring your own BBQ to share with your family or just relax by yourself.


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Work while watching bonfires, etc.

Spend a relaxing time on the mountain surrounded by nature. In winter, you can work while watching a bonfire.


Accepted at sales office YAMANOUE

Reception and other services are available at the Yamanoie sales office. Processed foods, drinks, shaved ice, and other seasonal products are also available.


Strawberry picking experience

This is a scene from a strawberry picking experience. Other activities include blueberry picking and BBQ.

Facility Information
Inosan Farm

Shuttle bus available

〒515-2621 2745-1 Sada, Hakusan-cho, Tsu City, Mie Prefecture

Phone number:059-264-0550

Access and local transportation

From Sakakibara-onsenguchi Station, 5 minutes by bus for Inokura-onsen, 30 minutes by car from Hisai IC.